Role: Front-end engineer and UX designer on an interdisciplinary research team (Brown University I-team UTRA) 
Tools Used: JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Java, Java Server Pages 
Purpose: A user-friendly way to share drafts of archival research. 
The problem: Many research teams at Brown store large quantities of research data for use in visualizations or other forms of publishing. Before this past summer, research assistants had to submit their findings to the professor through a form. After the researchers submitted their work, the data effectively disappeared until the professor either approved the work to be published or rejected it for revision. This created bottlenecks in the editing process and caused delays between research and publishing. 
Our solution: A new design would first have to eliminate the bottleneck between submission and revision. I decided that the solution was to get rid of the submission process altogether - and instead have every article editable and comment-able by the entire team. The professor can then move articles through a pipeline: first by tagging articles as "drafts," then as "flagged for revision," then finally as "published." 

More detailed writeup coming soon!
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